Ingea Innova Ethical Channel

At Ingea InnovaWe are firmly committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all our business activities. Business ethics is the fundamental pillar on which our reputation and long-term success is built.

Our Ethics Channel has been established to provide all our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with a secure and confidential means to report any conduct that does not align with our values and principles. We recognise that a healthy and productive work environment can only be maintained when all members of our community feel safe and supported in voicing their concerns.

By providing a platform for concerns to be raised in a secure mannerWe seek not only to correct inappropriate behaviour, but also to strengthen our culture of transparency and trust.

Communications, which may be nominal or anonymous, will be treated with due confidentiality and diligence, without fear of reprisals, and respecting the processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Diversity, equity and exclusion policy

The Diversity, equity and inclusion policy The commitments and lines of action of the
INGEA INNOVA MURCIA, S.L.'s action to promote a culture of respect for diversity and
inclusion at work as key elements of the company's global strategy. The purpose of this Policy
is to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment that, in addition to responding to the principles of
social justice, drives business development and contributes to the achievement of the goals of

By means of this Policy, INGEA INNOVA MURCIA, S.L. declares its firm commitment to commitment to
equal opportunities and non-discriminationtaking a stance against any
conduct or practice associated with prejudice on the basis of any personal characteristic or circumstance,
family, economic or social circumstances that may give rise to discrimination.