Construction and maintenance

The design and execution of buildings and in particular the construction of industrial buildingsis no problem at all for INGEA INNOVAWe have the technical team necessary to carry out any type of project, from its design in the form of a project, the processing of licences and available subsidies, the execution of the work and the preparation of all the documentation necessary to put the construction into service.

INGEA INNOVAas construction companyoffers the execution of turnkey projects, but always maintaining direct communication between the client, the site management and the rest of the agents involved in the project, in order to ensure that the work is as faithful as possible to the projected idea, and that the client's final satisfaction is achieved.

INGEA INNOVA is at the service of industry and carries out maintenance of existing installations such as structural and masonry repairs to facades, roofs, floors and other building installations.

Our construction and maintenance works