Our facilities

We are located in Polígono Industrial El Saladar I- C/Río Miño, 7 - Lorquí (Murcia):

  • We have 320 m² of technical office space. Our facilities are equipped with the latest modelling technology in BIM systems, modelling in TEKLACYPE structural calculations and others.
  • Our steel structure manufacturing workshop is 1,900 m² in size, we have a CNC drill cutting linewith direct connection from the technical office, ISO9001 quality management system and a level 2 CE marking in accordance with UNE EN 1090.
  • Two assembly teams and four welding stations. Our welders are fully approved and we constantly renew the welding equipment, with all the improvements and arc stabilisation programmes to achieve the highest levels of quality.
  • Our warehouse for building materials, steel and construction materials covers an area of 3,860 m².
  • We have 3 of our own lifting platforms for personnel, 3 self-loading cranes of up to 32 m and a fleet of trucks and vans for material distribution and site support.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to be an agent of positive change in the society and environment in which we operate, through various initiatives, partnerships and sustainable practices:

  • Commitment to the community and the sector:
    • Members of the Regional Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Murcia (FREMM).
    • UN Global Compact Partner.
  • Sustainable Innovation:
    • Deck equipped with a photovoltaic system.
    • Recovery of storm water with a tank capacity of 30,000 litres.
  • Carbon Footprint reduction programme.
  • Support for sport and the local community:
    • Sponsorship of the Club Balonmano Murcia UCAM Femenino.
    • Sponsorship of Bases of the Muleño C.F. Alevín Category.

Do you want to build, extend or repair your ship?

At INGEA INNOVA we execute all types of projects related to industrial building, 

We have Specialised Technical Department from the moment of design and/or modelling to final assembly on site.